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This page was last updated: 10/28/2014
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Black and Tan
Something unique
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Frequently Asked QuestionsExtended FamilyRecommended FoodContractQuestionnaireContact Us

How do you feel about "designer dogs," such as Cavapoos (Cavalier/Poodle) and Cavachons (Cavalier/Bichon)?I LOVE the idea!
I'm somewhat interested.
I'm neutral on the subject.
NOT a good idea.
Do you feel annual booster shots are necessary?No. Vaccinations last several years. Titres are best.
No. The AAHA and the AVMA state that CORE vaccinations are only needed every three years.
Yes. My vet prefers annual boosters.
Have you done any research on the possible long-term effects of vacciniations?Yes, I read all I can get my hands on.
Somewhat, I read up on this whenever it's convenient.
No, I'm not interested.
No, I let my vet make all the decisions about vaccinations.
Would you consider contradicting your vet regarding a procedure you felt was unnecessary?Yes, being human, vets are not perfect.
I may consider doing so, although it makes me uneasy.
No, it's disrespectful.
No, I trust my vet 100%.

If you write to me and don't hear back, please write again!  ...or call.  :)  605-939-7464.   I'm afraid I sometimes have trouble keeping up with the e-mail (I get a TON of it!), so don't give up!  

When breeding our own, home-bred Cavaliers, by God's grace, we have been able to consistently produce 
genetically healthy Cavaliers.  

We have also been blessed with Cavaliers who have repeatedly proven themselves in the show ring.  This assures us that our Cavaliers are conformationally of high quality.  This has taken a very, very high amount of dedication and sacrifice, but we continue to show our dogs, as a family, for the love of the breed as well as the love of our personal Cavaliers.

We contribute our successes to caring for our Cavaliers as God intended.  They eat Biologically Appropriate food, receive holistic medication whenever feasible, and get treated like the Family Members they are.  The scientific term relating to the correspondence between proper care and healthy, beautiful Cavaliers is "Epigenetics."  ...but God had the right formula for health and beauty all along!
Available older pups and adults are here.  
We are expecting a litter of Blenheim & tricolor babies in 4 weeks!  Hopeful blenheim litter due in 8 weeks.
See some of our past blenheim & ruby puppies: 
 See some of our past black/tan & tricolor puppies:  CLICK 
Please note: Having a "slick" web site does not make someone a puppy mill or a scammer. Our web site is a 10-year labor of love and dedication to the Cavalier KCS. 
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are NOT providing stud service for non-AKC dogs.  Our puppies who are placed with full rights are ALL AKC.  Anyone who claims to be breeding our lines WILL have AKC registration.  Please ask us to validate our own lines.  

Also, we have noticed a few cases of mistaken identity, when someone thinks they have one of our Cavaliers but we have no knowledge of them.  We can't verify anything because these people won't leave their full/true name with their statement.  All they need to do to prove they have one of our Cavaliers is produce the contract they received from us when their Cavalier was delivered.  To date, this has not been done even a single time.  Thus,  please don't believe everything you read/hear from others.

To those who have offered their support, THANK YOU!  If I can't get back with you personally to tell you, please hear me now - we APPRECIATE you!