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We are supporters of and adhere to the ASPCA's criteria for responsible breeding.  Please continue reading to see what we consider to be a responsible breeding program.

ASPCA Position
The ASPCA advocates the following best practices for responsible breeders:

- Never sells Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies to a dealer or pet shop.

- Screens breeding stock for heritable diseases; removes affected animals from 
breeding program. Affected Cavalier Spaniels are altered; may be placed as pets as long as health issues are disclosed to buyers/adopters.

- Removes aggressive Cavaliers from breeding program; alters or euthenizes them.

- Keeps Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeding stock healthy and well socialized.

- Never keeps more Cavalier King Charles than they can provide with the highest level of care, including quality food, clean water, proper shelter from heat or cold, exercise, socialization, plus professional veterinary care.

- Has working knowledge of genetics; generally avoids inbreeding.

- Bases Cavalier breeding frequency on mother’s health, age, condition and recuperative abilities. 

- Does not breed extremely young or old Cavalier King Charles.

- Often breeds and rears Cavalier Spaniels in the home, where they are considered part of the family.

- Ensures neonates are kept clean, warm, fed, vetted and with the mother until weaned; begins socialization of neonates at three weeks of age.

- Screens potential guardians; discusses positive/negative aspects of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

- Ensures animals are weaned (eight to ten weeks of age for Cavalier puppies) before placement.

- Offers guidance plus support to new guardians.

- Provides an adoption/purchase contract in plain English that spells out breeder’s responsibilities, adopter’s responsibilities, Cavalier King Charles health guarantees and return policy.

- Provides accurate and reliable health, vaccination plus pedigree information.

- Makes sure pet-quality Cavalier Spaniels are sold on a limited registration, spay/neuter contract, or are altered before placement.

- Will take back any Cavalier Spaniel of their breeding, at any time and for any reason.
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Frequently Asked QuestionsExtended FamilyRecommended FoodContractQuestionnaireContact Us

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Our former rescues are now with the Houston Cavalier Rescue due to our relocation. They have wonderful Cavalier King Charles dogs available.  
We know first hand.

We can say with the utmost confidence that most Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed rescues are doing an enormous justice to the breed.  Please do not overlook these wonderful pets!

Hailey, going to Brad!
Greetings & welcome to our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel web site!  We are breeders & exhibitors of AKC registered Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  We have National & International Champion Cavalier King Charles dogs and puppies, as well as champion lines.  Holistically raised puppies available.  View our puppy pictures!

To view happy puppy families - CLICK HERE!  

To view happy puppies - CLICK HERE!

Do you want a Male or Female???  - CLICK HERE!

We have blenheim, ruby, and tricolor babies available at this time. Pictures will be available soon, hopefully.  :-p

Happy new families here!

Click here to see 

Click here - to view 
older puppies 
and adults!
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Please note: Having a "slick" web site does not make someone a puppy mill or a scammer. Our web site is a 10-year labor of love and dedication to the Cavalier KCS.
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This is Tesha, the mama to our current litter of blenheim babies.  Click here to see pictures! We have a boy and girl still available.
Do it for them.  Do it for you.

Give to http://www.cavalierrescueusa.org/, or  http://www.luckystarcavalierrescue.org/.

National Breed Club Rescue List: http://www.akc.org/breeds/rescue.cfm 
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